Meet Walter

The World's Most Advanced Synthetic Companion

Created to serve.

Meet Walter

Intelligence powered by
Manufactured by Weylan Industries
Meet Walter


IN THEATERS05.19.2017


Bring order to your life with Walter's unrivaled data processing, powered by AMD™. Let him observe, analyze, and predict, so you can avoid trouble before it starts

  • 360-Environmental Awareness

  • Strategic Data Conversion

  • Predictive Behavioral Analysis


Equipped with AMD's Ryzen™ and Radeon™ Instinct technology, each Walter is fine-tuned to your specific biosocial stamp - a customized companion as unique as you are.

  • Socio-Genetic Screenings

  • Unique Personality Configuration

  • Created to serve.


Walter has no emotional needs, but he’s been engineered to perceive a full spectrum of feelings. He will understand and satisfy your every want.

  • Instantaneous Psychological Awareness

  • Micro-Emotive Facial Expressions

  • Engineering Intuition by RADEON™ Instinct


With automatic updates and self-governing medical systems, Walter is the perfect hassle-free companion. Attentive and efficient.

  • Regenerative Shell

  • Remote Biofeedback Transmission

  • Advanced Biosecurity

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